How To Start Lifting Weights

How To Get Started Lifting Weights Even If You Have Never Been To The Gym Before

Lifting weights is easy. You pick up some iron, pump out a defined number of sets and reps then you’re done.


Why do many people hesitate to get started lifting weights?

Firstly, there is information overload on the web.

Secondly, there is a community dialogue that can be confusing. “Mate, your boulders are looking solid.” (Boulders = shoulders that are solid as rock and built as strong as steel.) This can be confusing if you don’t know the terminology.

Thirdly, there is row upon row of complex looking equipment manned by Goliaths hammering it hard at the gym.

Oh, did I forget the hundred-page 12-month gym contract that needs a lawyer to decipher?

Well, you don’t need to worry. This article will give you a simple structure to help you to get started.

Happy Woman Doing Exercises With Dumbbells

Exercising at home may be more convenient but, the day you choose to take advantage of everything a gym has to offer, you are making a serious investment in yourself. Chances are there is more than one gym close to your home. While the right gym will help you succeed with your fitness goals, the wrong one could be an expensive mistake.

 Tip #1 – Visit every gym within a 15-minute driving radius of your home. You will not attend if you have a two-hour round trip included in your workout. Do not sign up to any plan until you have toured the gym with a member of staff

 Tip #2 – Does the gym contain all the equipment and facilities their website or brochures claim? Do you need all the services they offer? If you are never going to swim in their Olympic-sized pool, you are not going to be getting maximum value from your membership money

Tip #3 – Is everything included in your membership fee or do you have to pay for separate areas such as the sauna? These costs add up

 Tip #4 – Insist on getting a free one-day pass. If they refuse this, then the gym is not for you. Make sure you can use this pass at the time of day you intend working out

Tip #5 – Do the math on the membership fee. $50-a-month is roughly the average cost. In context, this is the price of two large delivery pizzas. If the gym passes each test and you intend to go at least three times a week, then you are getting value for money

People love teaching others. It is simple human nature. There are very few experienced lifters who would not jump in and stop you if you are performing an exercise so badly your back is about to snap. However, these guys are there for their workout. And, while they will help you, you must display basic gym knowledge.

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