How To Start A Campfire

How To Start A Campfire? Beginners Guide – Camping Series

It is so much fun to go back to ancient ways of life when camping. You sleep outside and get to walk in the wild. You also get to start your own fire to roast that meat you hunted and marshmallows. It gets cold at night, and you will need a fire to keep you and your squad warm. It is for this reason that you need to know exactly what steps to undertake to start a campfire.

Steps to Undertake

#1 Create your fire bed.

FirebedThere are some campsites with designated fireplaces and fire ring set up. Use these if availed. If there is none, however, you have to make your own, about 6ft away from your tent and trees. You will clear all dry grass and twigs from your spot of choice, then put up about 3 inches of dirt. You definitely do not want to be making the news headlines as the person responsible for a forest fire.

#2 Gather your wood.

Camping Fire HolderLooking around, you will find small dry leaves, grass, and bark which you will use as your tinder. They catch fire easily and burn quickly. You can also carry some homemade char cloth from home when preparing for that experience.

>> To keep the flame going, you also need something that burns a bit slower but still catches fire easily, hence the kindling. This shall be small twigs and branches, say the width of a pencil. Finally, collect fuelwood that keeps your fire hot and burning.

It should be dry and bigger than kindling. Be careful not to pick large logs since they take too long to catch fire. Wood with the diameter of your forearm is ideal.

#3 Lay your fire

Put your tinder at the center of the fire ring and build a small teepee structure above it using the kindling. It is important to leave a small open space in the opposite direction of the wind to allow an adequate supply of oxygen. Add the kindling in ascending order of sizes, until you can add fuelwood. Remember to maintain that small opening.

After completing the ring structure with fuelwood, light the tinder. Eventually, the structure shall collapse, and it is your sole duty to add fuelwood to it gradually. Your fire is set.

#4 Put out the fire

Being the responsible, environment mindful person you are, you will put out the fire when going to sleep and leave the place clean.

Sprinkle water into the fire about 20 minutes before you leave to put out the fire slowly. Pouring water directly into the fire bed will destroy its fitness to set a campfire for the next group. You shall then stir the embers to extinguish the fire completely.

When steam is absent, and the ashes are cold, the fire is out. It is now up to you to dispose off the ashes appropriately. Patch up the ground if you made the fire ring yourself.


Campfires inspire real bondage among people since you get to set it up together and share a meal. In fact, ancient and ghost stories told over the fires are very memorable. Ensure you set up the fire correctly and put it out when done. It will make you look forward to the next time.

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