How To Restring A Compound Bow.

How To Restring A Compound Bow?

To get the best results when hunting, you seriously need to focus on your gears. You have to make sure that all the equipment are in good order and are ready to use when you need it. A bow is a tool for hunting but unless you have a tight string on it, you will not be successful at hunting.

So here I am, providing you some step by step guide on how to restring a compound bow by hand.

Remember to do it once in a while to get the most of a compound bow. That means regularly check it and replace or repair any faults. You might think that only highly trained person should repair or do any kind of maintenance on a bow. But let me explain you the steps so you will know exactly how to do it yourself.

How does a compound bow string works?

Restringing Compound Bow Diagram

The compound bow string basically joins the two ends of the bow which is called stave and works together to make the force which is required to successfully launch the arrow. The basic principle is simple but you need to make sure that the string is tightened to the right tension. Otherwise, you will lose some functionality and might end up ruin the bow.

Nowadays a string is made of non-stretching materials which are cheap and easily available. But the problem is these materials lose some of it stretching power over time and might end of the cause of poor performance.

Why you have to restring a compound bow?

You probably understood by now that why the string material will lose its strength and power. So it is vital to restring regularly to regain its power. Usually, there is no fixed timeframe on how often you have to do it. It depends on how much it is getting used.

The main reason behind restring is to get the most performance from the bow as well as to ensure the safety of the user. There have been many reports where the hunter was injured by the snapped string or the arrow.

Compound Bowstring

Step by step guide - Restringing A Compound Bow By Hand

Most repair shops use several tools to perform fixes, for example, a bow press to re-tensioning and restringing bow. But it is also possible to do it at home with nothing like a few handheld tools. Let me so you how

What do you need – Tools required

• A new bowstring
• Allen wrench

# Step 1

The first step is to find the limb bolts of the bow and insert an Allen wrench. The limbs of the bow usually connect to the riser part at the bolts. Now turn the bolts one by one. Make sure you turn it anti-clockwise and turn it three times so most the pressure is taken off the limbs.

# Step 2

Now step on the string and use your hands to pull up the bow’s riser part. Keep doing it until the bow achieves a full draw position.

# Step 3

Use one of your hand to connect the new string’s end part to the open sides of the fittings. Usually, there are teardrop fiitng and can be found on both ends of the cable.

# Step 4

Now lower the bow until the limbs come back to its default position.

# Step 5

Make sure the loops are fitted properly and sitting in the grooves.

# Step 6

Stand on the bowstring again and pull the bow’s riser until it achieves its draw position again.

# Step 7

Now take out the string and lower the riser.

# Step 8

Now get back to the wrench and use it to tighten the limb bolts. You should be done with the process now.

How to check – if you need to replace the bowstring?

Well, don’t take it too lightly. Having a good string will significantly affect your hunting performance. So make sure you have a close look at the strings. Specially which brand or type of strings you are using, it might have limitations on many factors.

You need to perform a general check everytime you head for a shooting. Now as you know how to restring a bow, you should do it at the right time every time.

Tips For Bow String Maintenance

Let me give you some expert tips on how to tell if your bow needs a restringing.

> Regularly inspect the bowstring

Having a good plan of maintenance means regularly check the bowstring. If you are a professional shooter then this is where you need to focus the most. Particularly pay attention to the joints

> Look for signs of wear and tear

Any equipment might wear over time. Therefore need maintenance and proper guidelines to do it. Check for any signs of tear and wear of the string. If it is damaged then immediately replace it.

> Always check the string at the cams point

Cam’s point is probably the most damages happen so pay close attention to this part. Any damages on this part might be dangerous to the user.

> Examine the bow’s draw length

This actually an important one where most people ignore. But this is vital and somehow can hamper the overall performance of the compound bow. Make sure it is not longer or shorter than the requirements. There is a few bow string diagram you can use to guide you to find the correct length.

Hope in this article I was able to highlight the steps of how to restring a compound bow. If you have any more question or info, just ask it in the comment section below, I am happy to provide an explanation for you quarries.

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