How To Fix BB Gun

BB gun not firing? Feel annoyance? Have an idea why is your trigger not firing?


We’re here to give you all the solutions of your BB gun fixing problem. In most cases, it’s easy to fix a BB gun. You just need to understand the reasons of such type of problems. In our article, you’ll get a clear idea of the BB gun operating problems and how to fix these issues.

What you’ve to do?

Just go through our article on how to fix BB gun. Definitely, you’ll learn the easiest and simple techniques to solve these problems. Before learning the tips of fixing a BB gun, let’s go to know what kind of problem may occur and what their probable reasons are.


The problems may be:

  • Your BB gun fails to shoot straight.
  • Your Gun doesn’t fire.
  • The optics aren’t in line with your shots.
  • When you pull the trigger, the BB gun sounds like a drill and it doesn’t shoot.
  • After firing, when you release the trigger, you hear a quick “whir” sound made by the gearbox.
  • When you pull the trigger, your gun fires but the pellet doesn’t come out.


If your BB gun not firing properly, the reason may be the following one or the combination of the following issues:

  • You’ve loaded too many BB’s in the gun.
  • Safety still may be “on” position.
  • There is a blockage at the firing chamber.
  • The BB’s may be in need of repair.
  • The BB’s aren’t in parallel position in the firing mechanism.
  • The trigger is broken.
  • The optics are not aligned properly.
  • Its spring has failed.

These are the most common reasons typically you’ll face with your BB gun.

How To Fix BB Gun


When a BB gun gets jammed it doesn’t fire a BB. Obviously, it’s a risky condition that needs careful and immediate attention to fix.

Understand the following facts.


The jam in BB gun may be due to the spring jam. Spring help the BB to move between the magazine and firing chamber. Hence, if the spring gets jammed, there is a great possibility to misfire.

Why does jamming happen?

The reasons may be:

If your gun doesn’t shoot straight, the reasons may be:

  • Dirty barrel
  • Misaligned position of flash hider
  • Disassembled or broken Hop-up
  • Low weight and/ or cheap BBs

If your BB gun doesn’t fire, the reason may be:

  • Dead battery
  • Improper battery connection
  • CO2/ gas has been used up
  • Needs to be cocked before firing

If your gun sounds like a drill, when you pull the trigger, the reasons may be:

  • You’ve barred the gear or the teeth on the piston or you failed to engage the gear.
  • Reversed polarities due to the reversed battery connector.

When you pull the trigger, if the pellet fails to come out, the reasons may be:

  • Jam between the barrel and hop- up.
  • Inability to fully wind the Hi- cap.



Proper loading, proper feeding as well as using recommended ammunition only can provide you recreational and trouble free shooting for many hours. Yet, if you face any difficulties like jamming or blockage while shooting with your BB gun go through our discussion on how to fix BB gun and get the solution instantly.

Follow the steps below to fix any spring-powered BB gun.

Fixing A Jam:

Step 1:

First, find out the cause of the jam. Make sure that the problem arises whether due to improper feeding, damaged shot or improper ammunition use.

Step 2:

Notice that there is a sliding plate on the top of your BB gun. Pull the sliding plate back to cock the spring. To release the spring, lightly press the trigger. Do it for several times.

Step 3:

Find the handle of your BB gun. Detach the grip panel from the gun. Also, remove the screw from the bottom of the grip by turning it anti clockwise and remove. Take out the magazine cartridge and thus unload the gun.

Step 4:

Repeat Step# 1. Pull back the sliding plate and cock the spring.

Step 5:

Shake the gun to remove the pellet. Possibly, these pellets are one of the reasons of causing the gun to jam. Shaking your gun will make the pellet coming out from the cartridge. Make sure all the pellets are dropped out of the reservoir. When all the pellets will fall out, release the sliding plate.

Step 6:

Take an unjamming rod. A paper clip also works well. If you decide to use a paper clip, straighten it out. Keep the rod/ paper clip into the slot on the cartridge. Compress the spring by pushing it up about a couple of inches.

Step 7:

Exert pressure on the spring with the rod/ paper clip for about a minute. Then take the rod out.



Thanks a lot to be with us in our article. After going through our discussion, you’re now knowledgeable enough to troubleshoot and correct your BB gun issues. Definitely, you’ve got the easiest tips possible from our article on how to fix BB gun. Hope this informative, as well as intractable discussion, will be helpful to you to fix your BB gun.

Don’t forget to oil your BB gun regularly. And also never disassemble the gun by yourself. As it may cause serious injury to you. You shouldn’t have a problem with your BB gun again.

Happy Hunting!

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