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Osprey Fairpoint series backpacks are most popular among traveler. These come with many features focusing the travel-minded people. This is because this backpack comes in 40, 55, 70 and 80 pounds sizes. Most of this series backpack has a suspension system (internal frame, adjustable shoulder straps, padded hip-belt, etc).The Osprey Fairpoint 40 is suitable for all-round use. This one is built to meet most major airlines carry-on size requirements. All the other backpack are for other long-term usages.

These backpacks are made of high-quality polyester except the 40 pounds one. That one is made from nylon. These backpacks have 2-3 different size versions which are S/M or M-L. So when shopping, you have the flexibility of choosing the size you want.

All the internal pockets are made with mash type material which is suitable for carrying small items. Fairpoint 55 and 70 support an extra zip-off daypack which will carry some extra essential gears. Osprey sells this extra and will attach to the main harness attachment.

Other attractive features of this backpacks are the way you have to open this. These open like a suitcase, therefore, hold a lot more than a standard style backpack. Also, the built-in compression straps help to secure the load and keep all the gear stable while wearing the backpack  The handle is also padded so overall this backpacks will be very comfortable to use.

>> Osprey is providing a lifetime warranty on any damages or defect caused by normal use. So if they can not provide a repair, they will replace it for free.

What we liked about this
  • This backpack has the option to choose from many different sizes. Ranging from 40-80 pounds also has small to large sizes of each type of backpacks.
  • Has genuine suspension system built in and padded back for extra comfort.
  • Handles are padded so very easy to carry. Also, has a waist level strap for more grips.
  • Has compression straps at the front which provides more stability on the valuable gears in the bag.
  • Suitcase style opening makes easy to pack and practically provide more room than other backpacks.

2. SwissGear Travel Gear 1900

Swissgear is a very well known brand for many camping and traveling accessories. Their products are famous for heavy-duty build quality and long-lasting performance. This backpack did the same as well meeting the company’s standards and serving exceptionally well among the travels and backpackers.

This bag is made from durable, weather-resistant 1200D ballistic polyester to withstand heavy use and harsh conditions. The material used on this bag was solid and sturdy. The top build quality along with the roomy inside compartment making this bag an all-around backpack for any types of usage. It can carry laptops up to 17″ and has a separate section for an iPad or a tablet.

This smart bag has a few extra advantages over other bags. First of all, it has a SmartScan feature which enables the user to get the laptop out quickly at the airport for security screening. The carrying strap has an audio 3.5mm headphone jack which leads to a small pocket inside the bag. So basically you can keep an iPod or a mp3 player inside the backpack while listening to the music using that external audio output.

There is a Front organizational pocket at the front section of the bag. In this section is practically designed to carry writing accessories and small traveling gears such as power back, chargers, USB drive. So finding small items on this bag is not an issue.

The bag weighs less than 2 pounds and the height is about 18.5 inches. So it is considered a medium size backpack which is under airline carry on luggage requirements. The straps are ergonomically designed and are well padded to provide the maximum comfort for long-term use.

There are side pockets for water bottles and other long accessories. This bag can be used by both men and women. There is a choice of 5 colors to choose from ranging from Black, Grey or Red or even combination of either two.

What we liked about this
  • Built from weather-resistant 1200D ballistic polyester to withstand heavy use and harsh conditions.
  • Able to carry laptops up to 17 inches and within airline carry on luggage requirements.
  • Smart scan features are useful when passing through TSA security.
  • External 3.5mm audio cable to use headphone while the musical device store safely inside the bag.
  • Very well padded straps which provide top quality comfort which is ergonomically designed for long time usage.
  • Many color options including a combination of multiple colors.

3. Outlander Packable Lightweight Travel Hiking Backpack Daypack

A classic style backpack which is simple, clean and practical for traveling. This bag is made from high-quality rip and water resistant nylon type fabric material. This provides excellent strength and long-lasting performance for all kinds of usages. The bag is also reinforced on the stress points to increase the longevity.  A unique feature of this bag is to be able to fold it in half for storage and unfold it to get the full-size backpack functionality.

This bag is fitted with multiple compartments proving access to all the necessary travel gears/ There are two front zipper pocket to carry small items like passports, USB drive, power bank etc. Two built-in side pocket can be used for storing a full-size water bottle or a small umbrella.

The intelligently designed zipper will never catch into the flaps. The straps are padded and the ultralightweight (less than 0.7 pounds) provide great comfort while using. The bag is water resistant therefore using in the rain is not an issue for this bag.

There is a reflector tag attach at the back side of the bag which allows increased visibility during an emergency. Also, it has a strong carabiner clip which can be used to attach multiple accessories to the backpack. For the stability, there is a chest strap with a whistle buckle.

>> Outlander is proving lifetime warranty for this bag. So you will get a new bag for any damages or defect with this backpack. All together this bag truly serves exceptionally well on all travel conditions. It is lightweight and combining the durable build quality, it will serve the user with perfection and will definitely last a long time.

What we liked about this
  • The first one has to be the lightweight and compact design. You can just fold it and put it on the main luggage and unfold it to use it when needed.
  • Build quality is excellent with rip and water-resistant features.
  • Comes with a big carabiner clip to attach things in it.
  • The straps are well padded and provide comfort. Also, has chest strap with whistle buckle.
  • Comes in 10-11 different colors including black, red, blue even pink. So can be used by men and women.

4. Kelty Redwing 50 Backpack

The Kelty Redwing 50 backpack is a versatile bag which serves multiple purposes like, hiking, traveling or even using as a school bag. This bag can be opened like a suitcase by taking the compression straps off which is ideal for fitting larger items. When the compression straps are attached, the top zipper can be used to quickly access the essentials.

This backpack has several small compartments which provide flexibility.  The main compartment is wide open and also has a compartment to store a large laptop. This main compartment is perfect for storing a tent, sleeping bag, and other large travel gear.

Behind the main compartment, there is a pocket with many sleeves. This section is mainly used for keeping important things like passport, USB drive, phone etc. It has an extra padded section which fits an iPad or a tablet.

On the side of the bag, a mesh type side pocket is present which will carry a full-size water bottle. It is actually large and goes all the way to the top of the backpack. This type of features is unique for this type of backpack. Other things you can keep in this pocket are a fishing rod, tripod, trekking poles etc. So clearly this bag was designed focusing travelers. Other users will get the benefits as well.

There are two side compression straps built in which provide stability to the gears. This strap is long enough to carry larger items by strapping items to the side of the bag.  It has two loops which ideally will carry long items like an ice axe.

The construction material on this backpack is excellent. It is water resistant.  The frame of the bag is constructed from flexible plastic sheets with reinforcement by the aluminum stay. The padded carrying straps and handle provide exceptional grips and comfort.

What we liked about this
  • Be able to open the main compartment all the way same as a suitcase.
  • The frame of this bag is rigid and quality made ideally will provide long-term performance.
  • It has a unique side pocket which is capable to carry large and long items externally.
  • External compression straps and loops will hold other large gears.
  • The hip straps are removable.
  • The back pad and straps are very well padded so will be very comfortable to use.

5. G4Free Large 40L

The main reason for this backpack to place on our list is the budget-friendly price. This bag cost way less than other backpacks on this page. Therefore is ideal for sudden traveling, hiking plans where you need to get a bag with a cheaper price. Even though this cost less but what you get for the price is truly remarkable.

First of all this bag is very large comparing other traditional travel backpacks. The attractive feature of this bag is to be able to fold into a pocket-size bag and store into another luggage or suitcase. So you can literally find a very large backpack by unfolding this backpack whenever you need.

This lightweight backpack is made from quality Nylon fabric material which makes this water and tear resistant. This material also ensures strength and long-lasting performance.

The carrying straps are padded and adjustable so provide top-notch comfort. This bag is available in 5-6 different colors. So it can be used by both men and women.

The main compartment is divided by a fabric type material into two sections. There is also a pouch as well inside it which store more valuables. The bottom part of the bag is made from double lined fabric so it provides extra durability.

At the top of the bag holds a double-sided sides pouch for additional storage. It is quickly accessible from the exterior side and ideal to store things like keys, passport, money etc.

There are two vertical compression straps in this bag which help this bag to be stable and provide compactness. At the front of the backpack, there are two loops built in which can be used to hang things like an axe or a tripod.

What we liked about this
  • Excellent price, and the features you get for the money.
  • The construction material is good enough for using it for minimal time. Although I wouldn’t expect this bag to last lifetime.
  • Chest clip built in which is practical for hiking and trail walking.
  • Very versatile and ultra durable daypack. As this backpack is lightweight and water-resistant, it is suitable for the rainy weather and to store beach accessories.
  • Can be used to store valuables to store expensive gears on harsh conditions.

6. Sunhiker Travel Backpack

A fantastic backpack for beginners. This bag comes in a variety of attractive color options and could be ideal for someone who is new to traveling. It serves all the aspects of being an ideal backpack. It provides enough comfort as well as tons of storage for traveling, camping, and hiking.
The build quality is rigid with highly tear resistant nylon material. This bag is also water resistant.

The main compartment is big and goes all the way from the top of the bag to the bottom part. It will hold many traveling gears like a camera. electronic equipment. The main compartment has a pocket which probably meant to hold a tablet or other important things.

There is two water bottle holder on either side of the bag. The two compression straps which are located just top of the bottle holder provide excellent stability when carrying by keeping all the items in the bag in one place.

The back side is padded and provide enough comfort and can be used for a long time. It also has a chest strap as well as a waist strap which is not common for this kind of daypack. The shoulder straps are adjustable and well padded.

The bottom part is not reinforced so it might get wears out in the long run of using it. But the straps and material seems to be high quality and will last a reasonable amount of time.

What we liked about this
  • Comes in many colorful versions so suitable for men and women.
  • The attractive price tag and build quality are balanced. so definitely worth giving it a try if you are a beginner.
  • Comes with two water bottle holder which is perfect for carrying more water bottle or other long gears.
  • There is a loop strap at the bottom of the bag which can be used to carry things like a tripod, fishing rod etc.
  • Water and tear resistant nylon material with very lightweight construction.

7. Osprey Porter Travel Backpack Bag, 46-Liter

This bag suits pretty much any situation you can think of. Planning for a beach trip? or having a camping over the mountain or just simply going to the office with the office gear. This Osprey Porter 46 is an excellent choice for all round use. The simplicity of this bag is making this to my list and you will know why.

This bag is made of high-quality nylon material which should last a very long time even with heavy usage. The practically designed front panel pocket contains padded sleeves for most sensitive things like a laptop or a tablet. There is also an internal zip pocket for smaller items like USB drive, notebook, passport or a small power bank. All the zippers in this part of the backpack are lockable which provide additional security.

The top zip pocket is for accessories items but also ideal for carrying liquids and other necessary items. At the front, there are two compression straps which help the bag to be more stable during carrying. The compression mechanism works great with the foam padded sidewalls for protecting valuables inside.

For carrying, this daypack provides excellent comfort with its stowaway style padded shoulder harness which is adjustable. Also, has a whistle buckle for comfortable and supportive backpack style carry. If any reason you need extra space for carrying other things, then this backpack support additional Osprey daypack (Sold Separately) which attach through the reinforced cord loops.

What we liked about this
  • Has color options and made from durable material. Also reasonably lightweight.
  • Has the ability to add additional daypack for extra space using its four reinforced cord loops.
  • Comfortable carrying handles & padded shoulder strap which is also can be stowed away.
  • The main compartment is lockable. and large for easy access.
  • Compression strap does excellent by stabilizing the bag while carrying.

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