When Is The Best Time And Day To Go For A Run.

When Is The Best Time And Day To Go For A Run?

Morning, noon or evening – everyone certainly has a preference about the best time of the day to go for a run. Actually, this question has been a hot discussion among fitness experts and runners for decades. Whereas some say morning runs are the best, others prefer afternoon runs and others evenings. So, what’s the difference? Which do you prefer?

You might not solely agree with any other person about this. However, to support your idea and decision highlighted below are some interesting facts, pros, and cons of a morning, afternoon and evening run.

Morning Runs

Morning Run

Most morning runners often set alarms to help them wake in time. Perhaps, they dream of the anticipated morning adventure. Those who fall into this fold often prefer this time being the best way to beginning their busy day.


  • Yanking in the morning cold coupled with some dark episodes in the morning builds mental strength
  • It is the best way of waking up
  • It feels enormously satisfying to begin your day with a burst of immense physical activity
  • The body is believed to burn calories faster on an empty stomach
  • Pavements are quite – providing some lone times with your thoughts and singing birds
  • It is the best way to face the rest of day’s activities


  • Human body temperature is low in early morning thus muscles are stiff and prone to injuries
  • It is colder
  • More risks of suffering a heart attack or stroke
  • Pavements can be slippery especially during winter
  • Injuries can be severe, considering that it may take time for a helper to find you

Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Running

To other people, this could be the best time to take their run schedules. This is especially true for those who don’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn. At this time, you aren’t overtired as in the evenings. Besides, you can take naps on your lunch breaks. They also tend to provide some greater weather which can’t be found in early morning runs.


  • Body temperatures are high thus makes athletes perform better
  • It’s relatively warmer
  • It doesn’t interfere much on family time and other schedules
  • It is easy to motivate yourself for the run as you’ve been up for some hours
  • Provides some midday break for thoughts and reflection on the day’s activities


  • Are you ready to shower twice a day? Or get smelly the rest of the day.
  • You’ll need to reschedule for an early or late lunch
  • Interference by afternoon rains
  • Afternoon runs on weekends may interfere with family daytime

Evening Unwind

Evening Running

If you are an evening runner, you must be accustomed to some lights, reflective clothing, and silent sidewalks. No competition. Evening runs can be the best as they can possibly wash the day’s stress, decompress thoughts and provide a good opportunity for having some quality time.


  • A nice way of easing out the day’s stress
  • Makes you busy thus reduces the chances of engaging in unhealthy evening activities such as binge eating, drinking and much more.
  • Makes way to a good night sleep – tired muscles!


  • Hard to get evening run motivation
  • It could be colder
  • It’s dark which could lead to some unhealthy thoughts
  • Seems antisocial
  • May affect sleeping patterns

Final verdict

For sure, the best time to sleep is the time you make it happen in the day. It is about getting comfortable with the time you choose, being consistent day after day, weeks and so on, regardless of the hours. The best time, or even day, should make you happy. You should also visibly identify the benefits of your run. Otherwise, run anytime.

Happy Running.

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