Best Running Jackets Reviewd And Consideration

Best Running Jackets 2020 – Top Models Reviewed And Consideration

Are you looking for a new running jacket? Whether you are a seasoned runner or just a novice, you should settle for nothing short of the best for your outdoor running jacket. As you will learn in this best running jackets review, there are several aspects that you need to put into consideration. For instance, the best jacket should be weatherproof, lightweight, and visible. Your preferred jacket should also allow your hands to move freely while running.

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With so many running jackets to choose from today, this can be a daunting task for athletes who are not well informed. To make your search easier, we have reviewed 10 of the best running jackets you can get in the market today.


Top 10 Best Running Jackets

Outdoor Research Helium IIMen
Adidas Essential Tricot Men
Adidas Essential WovenMen
Inbike Winter ThermalMen
Nike Dry Fit Women
Under Armour Tech 1/2 Women
Champion Performax Men
Champion Half-ZipWomen
Tesla Lightweight ActiveWomen
Baleaf Thermal FleeceWomen

#1 Outdoor Research Men’s Helium II Jacket – A breathable guard against all weather elements

The men’s Helium II running jacket was specially designed to offer athletes enough protection against flash storms. In addition to offering excellent protection against wind, rain, snow and hailstorms, the jacket is exceptionally lightweight; weighing only 6.4 ounces. You will also love the fact that it packs down to a very small size, which makes the jacket easy to carry around and store.  This may be attributed to the ultra compressible material that is used to make the jacket.

What We Liked About this Jacket

  • Uses the innovative Pertex® Shield+ 2.5L technology by the manufacturer to offer exceptional protection against weather elements.
  • Has a Zippered chest pocket that offers extra storage space for your personal items while running
  • The hood on this jacket is adjustable for a customizable fit
  • Features a reflective trim on its hood to keep you safe while running


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With the perfect running features, including lightweight, weatherproofing, reflective features and extra storage, this is rated one of the best running jackets today.

#2 Adidas Men’s Essential Tricot Jacket – An affordable, yet functional runners jacket choice

While this is an affordable choice for a runner’s jacket, it is still attractive and trendy. Additionally, the jacket is designed to offer runners a simple and functional choice. In this regard, the jacket is entirely made of poly tricot fabric. As such, mobility will not be a problem while wearing this running jacket; the material is known to offer enough mobility, especially for the hands while running. The fashionable men’s running jacket choice is breathable enough for use during indoor as well as heavy outdoor workouts.

What We Liked About this Jacket

  • The 100 percent polyester tricot. The composition of this jacket gives it the perfect weight for layering while running.
  • Features an appealing 3-stripes design, which makes it one of the most beautiful running jackets.
  • Features a versatile zip-up for a perfect fit and enhanced convenience.


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Make a fashion statement with this functional and trendy, yet affordable running jacket choice. You will find the jacket comfortable to wear for both indoor and outdoor workouts.

#3 Adidas Men’s Essential Woven Jacket – A great fit with a sleek design

Do you prefer training in the cold? The Adidas Essential woven running jacket was designed with you in mind; designed for athletes who love training in the cold weather. In this regard, the jacket will keep you warm while running in the cold. Additionally, the jacket if very breathable and comprises of acclimate-warm fabric. As a result, the jacket will keep you warm as you workout, but will never allow your body to overheat.

What We Liked About this Jacket

  • The jacket is entirely made of perforated polyester fleece to keep you warm and enhance ventilation.
  • Fitted with a drawcord-adjustable hood and a full zip for a comfortable fit and added convenience.
  • The ribbed hem and cuffs parts of the jacket make it more visible even under low light conditions, which improve your safety.
  • Has Kangaroo pockets, offering you additional storage space for your valuables


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Although the jacket is designed for use in cold weather, it will keep you warm as you run in the cold weather, but does not overheat. This may be attributed to the mesh-lined hood and a breathable jacket material that improve air circulation to prevent overheating while running.

#4 Inbike Winter Men’s Windproof Thermal Cycling Jacket – Excellent weatherproofing in a performance running jacket

As mentioned earlier in this best running jackets review, weatherproofing is an important aspect of a good running jacket. The Windproof Thermal Cycling Jacket is one of the best running bikes, with regards to superior weatherproofing and comfortable fit. This makes the jacket a perfect choice for use in winter and fall. In this regard, the Windproof Thermal Cycling Jacket men’s jacket by Inbike is water repellent, windproof and highly breathable. Whether you are venturing outdoor to run, jog or bike, this jacket will come in handy.

What We Liked About this Jacket

  • The Stand-up collar on this jacket covers your neck perfectly , but does not nip the chin
  • Features a thermal lining that is smooth in texture and is designed to give you superior warm-lock performance.
  • The pockets added to the jacket are also breathable, making it even more comfortable to wear while working out.
  • The jacket has some of the best waterproofing and wind proofing qualities in the industry today.


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As an athlete, this is the kind of running jacket you will need in fall and in winter. It offers exceptional comfort, warmth as well as weatherproofing benefits. Additionally, the jacket fits perfectly and is highly breathable.

#5 Nike Women’s Dry Fit Element Half Zip Running Top – A sleek fit and a range of colour choices

Having been produced for the female athletes, this Dry Fit Element Half Zip Running Top by Nike features an appealing design. As a matter of fact, you are allowed to choose from 5 colour choices for the jacket. Most of the customers who have tried this product find it a comfortable fit and lightweight for enhanced performance while running.

What We Liked About this Jacket

  • Has a zipper closure for a perfect fit and improved convenience.
  • Have thumbholes to keep the cuffs in place and provide a warm coverage.
  • Features the Dri-FIT and Dry fabric technology by Nike that is specifically meant to keep you comfortable and dry as you run.
  • The top has a 1/2-zip design to offer you an adaptive coverage.


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In addition to the performance and comfort features of the top, it also has reflective details to keep you safe as you run.

#6 Under Armour Women’s Tech 1/2 Zip – A unique design and comfortable texture

Designed for women who are after a comfortable fit and enhanced performance, the Under Armour Tech jacket features a Super-soft UA Tech fabric. Although this alone would provide the comfort you need to run in the cold, the jacket is also fitted with a Signature Moisture Transport System technology by the manufacturer. This is designed to wick away sweat as quickly as it forms on your skin, hence keep you dry and comfy during intense workouts.

What We Liked About this Jacket

  • The jacket is entirely made of Polyester, hence is soft and comfortable to wear
  • Allows for maximum mobility, hence is suited for more demanding outdoor workouts
  • Features a Signature Moisture Transport System to dry sweat off your skin as it forms as you run
  • The 1/2 zip on the front part of the jacket offers a perfect fit and improved convenience
  • Has a stand collar for additional coverage over the neck region.


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The Raglan sleeves used on this jacket unlock mobility. As a result, the jacket offers an extended range of motion. You will also be fascinated by the drop-tail hem on the jacket, which offers a superior coverage for your back.

#7 Champion Men’s Performax Quarter-Zip Pullover Jacket – A lightweight jacket that can be machine washed

As a breakthrough in the running jackets industry, the Champion Performax Quarter-Zip Pullover Jacket is capable of reacting, in accordance to your body temperature. As a result, the jacket dries fast and cools your body as the temperature starts rising while running. This being the case, you will find the jacket a comfortable and versatile running jacket choice.

What We Liked About this Jacket

  • Features a Champion Vapour Technology to wick away sweat from your body as it forms.
  • The 90 percent Polyester and 10 percent Spandex material composition on this jacket makes it lightweight for improved performance.
  • The jacket can be machine washed, hence convenient.
  • It is stretchable for a perfect fit and to offer you an optimal range of motion while running


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You will definitely love the signature Double Dry moisture management technology that is fused into the lightweight and stretchable running jacket. This ensures that you remain comfortable, dry and warm as you run.

#8 Champion Women’s Half-Zip Running Jacket – An appealing contrast of gray and black in a comfy and lightweight running jacket

This is another machine washable running jacket that offers great layering for performance-oriented ladies looking for an affordable running jacket. The jacket uses a polyester and spandex construction for a durable and lightweight product that offers a remarkable fit.

What We Liked About this Jacket

  • The jacket is machine washable for added convenience.
  • Comprises of 88 percent polyester and 12 percent spandex for reduced weight and enhanced comfort.
  • The Moisture Management technology used on this jacket dries off any moisture from your body as soon as it forms.


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This fashionable running jacket is lightweight, but has thumbholes to keep it in place as you run. It also features reflective details for improved safety and is stretchable for a comfortable fit as well as improved range of motion.

#9 Tesla Women’s Lightweight Active Performance Full-zip Hoodie Jacket – A trendy feminine and lightweight running jacket

The Active performance full-zip hoodie jacket by Tesla features a lightweight construction of 90 percent polyester and 10 percent polyurethane. This is the right running jackets choice for ladies who have an eye for fashion; the jacket is cut to bring out the female figure. Additionally, most of the ladies who have tried it out say that it fits as expected.

What We Liked About this Jacket

  • Offers a warm cover while running in fall, winter and fall
  • Offers a zipper pocket for additional storage of your valuables as you run
  • The hoodie on this jacket has attached earphones, a more convenient way to listen to your workout tunes.
  • Features a lightweight and stretchable construction, hence a comfortable and perfect fit.


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All in all, this is an inexpensive runner’s jacket for female athletes. It is designed to bring out your female figure and provide the required warmth as you run in the cold weather.

#10 Baleaf Women’s Thermal Fleece Half Zip Thumbholes Long Sleeve Running Top – An attractive performance jacket for female athletes

Most of the running jackets for women today are designed to be soft and attractive. However, Baleaf went a step further with their Thermal Fleece Half Zip Thumbholes Long Sleeve Running Top for women. This jacket offers zipper garage, and a zippered mock neck that features a wind panel. Such features may appear to be simple, but they actually set this jacket apart from the other jackets within this price range.

What We Liked About this Jacket

  • Features a deep half-zip on its front part for enhanced ventilation
  • The zipper garage on the jacket enhances its convenience and does not chafe the neck.
  • Has reflective logos for enhanced visibility to keep you safe while running
  • Has Raglan sleeves that are designed to offer an extensive range of motion


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In addition to the appealing outer design of the jacket, you will also love the brushed micro-grid, super-warm fleece interior of this running top. The interior is designed to wick away moisture as it forms on your skin while running.

Running Jackets Buying Advice – What to Consider

As unpredictable as the weather may be, it should not prevent you from working out. The best running jackets today have been designed to protect you from harsh weather elements, such as the April showers and biting winds in winter, and also keep you running at your best. This is to say that running jackets have extra features to offer, as compared to ordinary jackets in that market today.

So, what makes a jacket ideal for running? There is no direct answer to this question because you need to consider several aspects in order to get the best running jacket for your outdoor workouts.

These are some of the important aspects that you need to consider while shopping for a running jacket:


Choosing the best running jacket requires you to consider more aspects than just the visual appeal it has to offer. In this regard, weatherproofing is among the most important features that you need to consider. The jacket you choose should be able to offer your body enough protection against the weather elements you may encounter while running, such as wind, rain, hailstorms and snow.

Is the Jacket Water Resistant or Waterproof?

When it comes to running jackets, waterproofing and water resistance do not mean the same thing. While waterproof jackets will prevent moisture or water from penetrating and reaching your skin for extended periods, water resistant jackets will only offer a limited amount of protection from water and moisture. This being the case, it is advisable to choose a waterproof jacket. There are several types of waterproofing that may be used on running jackets today. While coated fabrics that have polyurethane as a component are comparatively common; they are only ideal for moderate activity. This is mainly because the use of polyurethane affects the breathability of the jacket significantly.

Instead, you should choose a jacket that uses highly breathable membranes, such as the GOR-TEX membrane. Such a jacket will keep you dry for extended periods and boost your performance because they are very breathable.


How comfortable are you while running with the jacket on? This is another thing that you need to put into consideration while shopping for the best running jackets. The best choice of running jackets is the one that offers a great range of motion, especially for the hands, when you are running. Therefore, you need to ensure that your preferred jacket allows the hands to move freely. This is very important as it allows you to maintain a proper running form, hence boost your performance. In addition to the fit, you also need to consider the weight of the jackets. In this regard, it is advisable to buy a light running jacket that will not weigh you down while running.

Wind Proofing

In most cases, waterproof jackets will also be windproof. However, you still need to ensure that your preferred choice offers both. Most of the leading running jackets manufacturers today use a laminating coating on their jackets to make them wind proof. Again, you should go for the windproofing jackets as opposed to wind resistant jackets as the latter offers will only protect you to a certain point.

Does it Have Reflective Features?

If you will be running at night, it is important for you to be as visible as possible to avoid accidents. One of the best ways to remain visible while running at night is to wear a running jacket that has reflective features. In most cases, these are located on the collars, seams and or hems of running jackets. This consideration is very important as it will keep you safe while running. If your jacket does not have such features, you should wear a reflective vest on it when running at night.


With a myriad of running jackets that seem to offer the same features, choosing the best for your workouts can be a daunting task. With the guidelines discussed in this best running jackets review, along with the review of some of the best jackets, you should have an easier time shopping for the best-suited running jacket today.

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