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Best Camping Chairs Reviewed For 2020

Have you ever thought of what camping would feel like if there were no chairs on the site?

You will either spend your time on the sleeping bag, in the car or just stand. Maybe you will be fed up and carry your dining room wooden chair!

Thanks to necessity, an invention was born. There are several seats suitable for camping. They are lightweight, cozy, and sturdy. In addition, their storage capacity, portability, and assembling process is convenient for your utility.

There is a whole lake of camping chairs out there. You only need to know the best and pick from there. To make your shopping life a little manageable, I will list the top 10 renowned camping chairs. I shall also give you a buying guide.

Top 10 Best Camping Chair

ImageProductBest ForPrice
Coleman Oversized Quad Outgoing Campers
Picnic Time Portable Open-Air Refreshment
Kijaro Dual Lock Car Camping
Tommy Bahama Beach Camping
ALPS Mountaineering Outdoor Gigs Anywhere
CORE Folding Outdoor Activities
GCI Outdoor Freestyle Camping, Picnics & Tailgating
Kelsyus Original Tailgating
Quik ShadeBeach Trips
Helinox ChairCamping & Hiking

#1 Coleman Oversized Quad Chair with Cooler – Best for Outgoing Campers

Are you an infrequent camper that loves your comfort when out? Then the Coleman oversized quad chair with cooler is the chair for you. Here is what makes it worth it.


It has a 4-can-cooler and a cup holder that is easy to access. The cushioned seat offers full support for your back.

Easy to Assemble and Carry

You just fold and unfold it; it is collapsible. A light chair you can transport and store without difficulty.


Being a polyester chair, it lasts many seasons. The mesh holders are unlikely to break; they are strong.

What We Liked About This Chair

  • Has a 4-can-cooler to keep your drinks cold.
  • Has a cup holder and side pockets for storing personal items.
  • It is cushioned for comfort.
  • Easily collapses making it portable.


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Do you like spending less time in your camping chair but when you do, you want comfort? Then this is your chair! It is durable, comfortable and portable.

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#2 Picnic Time Portable Folding Sports Chair – Best for Open-Air Refreshment

Once again, Oniva brand has unleashed one of the best chairs known. The black portable folding sports chair has unbeatable qualities discussed below.


The chair has many extra pockets for personal accessories. It can also hold up to 300lb weight. This is accommodative.

Portable and Sturdy

Being lightweight with two handles, you effortlessly carry it. The aluminum frame and polyester make it last longer.


The armrests are padded, and the shoulder straps are adjustable. Furthermore, the seat is wide enough: 19-1/2 inches.

What We Liked About This Chair

  • Has a foldable side table, zippered security pocket, and insulated beverage pouch.
  • It contains an accessories panel with several side pockets for your personal items.
  • The padded armrests and adjustable shoulder straps make it snug.
  • It has sturdy, lightweight aluminum frames and two handles for transportation.


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As a lover of open-air eating sessions, you need this chair. It has a mini-table, is voluminous and robust. A picnic is on another new level when on it.

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#3 Kijaro Dual Lock Chair – Best for Car Camping

When I hear of Kijaro, I think of unmatched quality. Their dual lock chair is so helpful. Below are reasons why.


With two cup-holders and an organizer at your disposal, you are at ease. There is no sag seating because of the admirable design it has.


The chair can hold up to 300lb and is wide enough. The side-hanging bag gives your magazines and phones room.


The seat back has a ventilated mesh. You will not feel itchy from accumulated sweat on your back.

What We Liked About This Chair

  • It has a breathable back. Ventilation is sufficient to keep you from sweating on the chair.
  • It is powerful enough to eliminate sag-seating.
  • The maximum weight capacity is 300lbs, rendering it capacious.
  • The chair provides you with a dual lock experience. It even has two cup-holders.


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You will have a good car camping or sports watching involvement if you get yourself this seat. Unlike most, you will not feel like you are sinking due to sag sitting. Remember the dual lock experience? Amazing!

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#4 Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler Chair with Storage Pouch and Towel Bar – Best for the beach

Some seats are good but not good enough for the beach. The one from Tommy Bahama is the best for this place. Here is why.


The rustproof aluminum frames enable it to last long strong. The seat is made from 600D polyester fabric, hence robust.

Easy to organize

It has a pouch to keep your cell phone, a cup holder, and a folding towel bar. Moreover, it has an insulated sack, so your beverage will be okay.


It is modifiable to five reclining positions according to your convenience. Padded shoulder straps availed to improve coziness.

What We Liked About This Chair

  • Has an adjustable inbuilt pillow and reclining positions for better comfort.
  • It is lightweight, with padded backpack straps for smooth carriage.
  • Has rustproof aluminum frames and durable 600D polyester fabric.
  • Has an insulated pouch and an organized armrest.


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It is inconvenient holding your towel at the beach throughout. This chair has that sorted out. It is also expedient, rustproof and large. Perfect for the beach!

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#5 ALPS Mountaineering Rendezvous Folding Camping Chair – Best for Outdoor Gigs Anywhere

For long, you may be looking for a chair you carry and set up in the sun or at a sporting event. Well, you just found one. Here is why ALPS mountaineering rendezvous folding camping chair beats them all.


It has powder-coated steel frames that give it ultimate stability. It holds 300lb weight capably.


The chairs weights 6.8lbs, with collapsible steel frames. It is so light and portable; it fits in your shoulder carry bag.


You can lean back to a perfect angle when on this chair. When sat, you sink closer to the ground to achieve this angle and stretch out your legs.

What We Liked About This Chair

  • It weighs 6.8lbs and is portable. It collapses to fit in a carry bag.
  • It is breathable since it has TechMesh Fabric.
  • It enables you to achieve the perfect leaning angle for relief.


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You sought and found it; the perfect chair for your sports events, campfire gatherings, and outdoor concerts. Exciting how portable, ventilated and stable it is.

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#6 CORE Folding Padded Hard Arm Chair with Carry Bag – Best for Outdoor Activities

Again, a CORE Equipment has proved quality products exist. Their padded armchair with a carry bag is good for just any fun outing. The features are as follows.


It has padded hand arms and a luxuriously quilted seat. This makes your experience luxurious.

Easy to organize

Gear pockets are available. You put them there instead of scattering them all over. There is an oversized inbuilt cup holder too.


It has its own carry bag and straps. These come in handy when carrying the folding durable soft-touch seat.

What We Liked About This Chair

  • Padded hand arms offer extra support.
  • The sturdy chair is made of steel frames, and 600D brushed polyester.
  • The inbuilt cup-holder and gear pockets make it easy to organize.
  • The chair is portable and has its carry bag.


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Your outdoor relaxation moments will never be the same with this armchair. The comfort is exceptional, with improved order and transportation. Try it!

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#7 GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker Portable Folding Rocking Chair – Best for Camping, Lawn, Patio, Picnics, and Tailgating

GCI Outdoor is known to produce items with interesting features. Their portable, folding, rocking chair in an example. Below are the features.


It has a built-in beverage holder and is large enough to sit on. It supports up to 250 pounds weight.


This chair is easy to fold flat and unfold. It weighs 12.1 pounds. Transportation is thus simplified.


The Patented Spring-Action Rocking Technology enables you rocking on the chair. The hand arms are also padded for improved support.

What We Liked About This Chair

  • Has a smooth rocking motion that makes you feel relieved when seated.
  • It opens and closes smoothly, improving the storage and setting up procedure.
  • Has padded armrest for better support.
  • It is strong enough to support 250 pounds weight.


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Are you seeking a chair that rocks you to the soul? The GCI Outdoor chair is that chair, considering it has the rocking technology. It is also strong, portable and large.

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#8 Kelsyus Original Canopy Chair – Best for Tailgating

The best outdoor chair is one on which you find relief. Kelsyus patented canopy chair is one of those chairs. Its features are as highlighted below.


The frames are coated with powdered steel. This makes the chair tough enough to hold 250lbs weight.


It contains an ergonomic mesh seat for ventilation. You will comfortably sweat it without itch

Flexible and portable

Just by snapping, the two sides together, the chair folds. The original canopy, in turn, acts as the bag.

What We Liked About This Chair

  • Has an adjustable canopy to shield you from scorching sun
  • The canopy acts as the storage and transportation bag on folding the chair.
  • It is ventilated as it has an ergonomic mesh seat.
  • The chair is strong enough to support 250lbs weight and has a built-in cup-holder.


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Your food is served; you need to sit somewhere shaded to enjoy that meal. Here is a chair with a canopy, ready to shade you. Believe me; the experience is better felt than said.

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#9 Quik Shade Adjustable Canopy Folding Camp Chair – Best for Beach Trips

How enjoyable a trip gets when you carry the right equipment. The chair, for instance, contributes to making the outing more relaxed. Quick Shade has one such chair. The features are as follows.

Blocks sunrays

The chair has an adjustable canopy. You can tilt it to whichever angle shall keep the sun away from your skin.

Easy to carry

The 9lbs lightweight seat can be folded easily. It is portable and easy to store.


It has strong steel frames that can hold up to 225lbs. Furthermore, its polyester fabric is water and stain resistant.

What We Liked About This Chair

  • The canopy shielding you from sun rays is adjustable.
  • Is made from wiry polyester fabric, which is stain and water resistant.
  • It is easy setup, fold, transport, and store.
  • Has a durable frame, supporting 225lbs weight and two cup-holders.


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#10 Helinox – Chair One, Portable and Compact Camping Chair – Best for Camping & Hiking

When camping or hiking, you will not always lay low in the tent. You will want to sit out and enjoy the scenery. Helinox offers you the best camping chair. It is characterized below.


It is almost weightless. It weighs less than 2 pounds, with remarkable folding capability.

Easy to setup

It takes seconds to pitch your chair after that exhausting day. Disassembling is equally simple.


You sink into the chair, and not the mud. It is stable. You will not need armrests; the Helinox cradles your elbows.

What We Liked About This Chair

  • The portability of this chair is remarkable. Can be folded to the bearable size of a big shoe and transported.
  • It is easy to assemble and disassemble, enabling you to proceed fast.
  • The 2 pounds lightweight chair holds up to 320lbs.
  • Has indisputable stability, keeping you from sinking into the mud.


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A relaxed evening in the campsite could be one Helinox chair away. They offer a lightweight, comfortable and easy to setup seat. Get yourself one.

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Camping Chairs Buying Advice – What to Consider

You have seen the best, but you may find choosing the one for you being tasking. Well, not anymore, I got you. There are key factors you should look into, to fit your desires. The most pressing qualities to consider are discussed below.

  • Capacity

A seat when designed has a maximum limit it can support. If overloaded, it will break. The common range is between 200-300lbs weight. Considering your weight, do not buy a chair that cannot accommodate you. Also, it is a waste of resources getting yourself one with a huge capacity, yet you will not match even half of it.

  • Weight

A lightweight one is ideal. How unhappy you will be if you have to cover quite a distance on foot with a heavy chair packed.  A chair between 2 to 13 pounds will serve you right. It is stress-free moving it from one spot to another. If, however, you do not mind the weight, overlook this feature.

  • Flexibility

You have to look into how rigid the seat is. The less stiff, the better. If possible, have one that you can snap, and it folds. You do not need to use so much energy to disassemble it. The same case applies when setting it up. A flexible chair automatically translates into simplified portability and convenience.

  • Durability

Nobody likes buying an item repeatedly because it wears out fast. We all want something that can see many seasons while still serving the purpose right. Sturdiness heavily depends on the material used and how voluminous it is designed to be.

  • Coziness

Relaxation is the whole idea behind having camping chairs. Your back needs a base it can rest on. The angle of inclination ought to be expedient. You also should not feel like you are seated in a bucket because of sag seating. If it is not cozy, leave it. If you can, purchase a luxurious one.

  • Material

This may not directly affect your comfort when seated but it sure as hell affects durability, weight, and design of that chair. Frames coated with powdered steel and those of aluminum are very strong. They are strong and stand many seasons. As of the fabric, polished 600D polyester is the best. Choose this.

  • Ventilation

You may want to sit for an extended period, maybe watching kids play or reading a magazine. In the process, you may sweat. You need a breathable chair to make this situation bearable. An ergonomic mesh seat is suitable for an outing where you are likely to sweat. It is breathable.


Having that great moment in your life is necessary. You could be camping or backpacking with your folks. The little things in life like that simple chair spice up these moments. You may not remember how a good chair improved the outing, but you will definitely remember how the wrong chair messed you up.

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