9 Camping Myths Debunked

9 Camping Myths Debunked

In this world of all types of people, you may need to get away sometimes. The crowded towns, noisy neighbors and exhausting workdays can wear your soul out. One of the renowned stress relieving, fun and family bonding activities is camping. Just a travel into nature, sleeping in a tent and eating together with folks is enough to return your sanity.

However, you may have heard myths about camping that make you rethink the whole idea. Someone could have had a bad experience and made it look like it is always the worst thing to engage in. You may also have heard all the impossible myths from an imagining friend. Some of these mythologies I have discussed them below. It is very important that you get over them since they are just myths.

The Top 9 Common Myths

It costs a fortune

Everyone is out there trying to save money, so levels of expenses incurred are relative. Somebody could say it is expensive because of the kind of tents bought or the cost of food. The transportation cost and fun gear hired could supposedly elevate the budget too.

However, it is a very pocket-friendly outing. If you are new to this, spend the least you can on exploring. 100$- 200$ is a good range, to begin with, and most gears will be catered for. You cannot go wrong if you use a camping checklist in the process.Budget Camping

The food sucks

Some people think that when on a trip away from home you will eat wild leaves and animals. Well, it is not a bad idea, but there is more you can have. The food will always be dreary if you go camping without enough prior preparation.

If you carry with you the right cookery, you may even end up baking a cake. On that campfire, you can roast meat and marshmallows too. It is more fun when you keep your food simple to prepare than when you make it a complicated situation. You can order pizza and pies if near a town center.

It is an uncomfortable deal

The whole idea of encouraging people to try out camping is because it is a fun experience. You may have heard it from your scouting friends of how harsh it was for them, but really, they were out there to learn survival skills. It had to be as uncomfortable as planned.

For you, it should be all about making it fun and being comfortable. It is the reason behind the existence of marvelous sleeping, cooking and camping gear. You can even play when on this mission. The level of how comfortable you are is gauged by how comfy you make yourself.

You travel hours before spotting a great campsite

Some people love long journeys, some do not. The distance from your home to the encampment is wholly your choice. If you are having a small family and you do not mind hitting the road, you can go as far as you want to, and then settle.

A big family with babies can have a short journey to their campsite for convenience. Also, if you just want to travel for an hour or less, you can. Just book a place nearby and make yourself contented. You do not have to camp half a country away from your residential area for it to be a fun ordeal.

There are primitive methods of peeing

The place you camp at determines where you shall relieve your poo. In private campsites, washrooms are available and they are so comfortable. You may be tempted to bring your home manners there. If in a public pitch, there are loos availed.

In the forests though, you will have to use some designated holes, but you will not necessarily wipe your butt with leaves. These areas are meant for human use with such factors accounted for. If you are not confident about this, you can be a determined camper and opt to carry portable toilets.

A bear will trample on your tent

In the movies, we see bears appearing from the woods, mad at people disturbing its wild peace. It goes after them, eats their legs, and kills them. We have to remember the movies are just movies: creative stories showing extreme possibilities.

Bear Attack On Camping

When on a campsite, the place is always secured from bears, and you are safe. If you are scared, there are precautions you can take to keep the bears away. Kindly do not refuse to camp because you are frightened of bears.

Your electronics stay home

Many people do not go with their electronics when camping, but this does not necessarily mean that they are forbidden to. If having your radio and headphones will make you happy, then why not carry those! You will now have to find a way of charging them.

Equipping yourself with a solar charger and using battery-conserving gadgets will be a plus for you. If you are addicted to music, nobody will force you to live without it for a weekend just because it is a belief.

The cold nights

Temperatures drop at night, and it gets cold. I agree, if you do not prepare for a cold night in advance, you will freeze. If your tent is weak and the ease of wind blowing it away is much, you are sure to spend a night in the cold, freezing with all other insects.

Nonetheless, you will not experience this harsh condition if you have warm clothing and a good sleeping bag. Once your tent is closed, you can create your own conditions in there. Do not be shocked when in the midst of a windy campsite, you are sweating profusely because of warm clothing and bedding.

Bigfoot might attack you

This one is actually ridiculous. It is like trying to prove the existence of dinosaurs on earth right now in some country. If you really believe bigfoot will attack you, you might be beyond mythical salvation. The fact is you will not be attacked by Bigfoot. Get over yourself, buddy!

Final Thoughts

Nobody has the right to stop you from having the time of your life. The amount of money used in the process of planning for a camping expedition is manageable, and you can warm yourself if the nights get cold. To top it up, Bigfoot does not exist. It would be a waste of opportunity if you decided not to camp based on myths your ears have collected around.

Take your friends and family on this trip because it is worth it. Take all precautions seriously and remember to have fun. Carry those indoor games and go hiking if you can. I believe you have one life and living scared of things people say is a waste if it. Camping myths are just that, myths.

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